The start of the journey of a Filipino youth who dreams to embrace the profession of arms, through the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), is when he submits his application form to the Office of Cadet Admission (OCA) for processing, so that he can take the Philippine Military Academy Cadet Qualification Test (PMACQT).

After receiving the Test Permit from the OCA, the applicant will report to the designated Examination Center on the date indicated on the permit. The applicant is to bring said Test Permit so that s/he will be allowed by the Proctors to take the Exam. If the applicant passes the Exam, s/he will receive a written notice from OCA informing him of the result of the Exam and instructing him to report to AFP, Medical Center (AFPMC). He will then undergo the Complete Physical Examination (CPE) where his medical, physical, mental and emotional condition will be examined to determine his readiness and fitness for the military training in the Academy. CPE takes days, so a cadet candidate is required to stay in the billeting area provided by the Academy in AFPMC.

If the applicant successfully makes it, he will be required to report to PMA Liaison Office in AFPMC for final processing during the last week of March before s/he will be brought to Philippine Military Academy (PMA) on April 01 for the Oath-Taking Ceremony and Reception Rites, signaling his official entry to the Academy as member of a PMA Class.

From then on, and during the four years stay in the Academy. S/he will undergo the education and training in the Academy designed to prepare her/him into becoming an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the soldier of the Filipino people.

PMA Philosophy of Education

PMA adopts a holistic view of man as body, soul, and spirit. PMA believes that future leaders can be selected, formed, and developed to their fullest potentials. PMA is principally an institution for military leadership and it is from the total view of man that PMA’s leader development program is based. It contains character development, a balanced college education, military leadership, and physical development, necessary to prepare the cadets for the profession of arms and to be responsive to the needs of the Armed Forces and the Nation.

PMA Program Competency Statement

A PMA graduate is a values-centered leader who possesses the character, the broad and basic military skills, and the education essential to the successful pursuit of a progressive military career in selfless service to the AFP and the Nation.

The education and training of a cadet in the Academy is characterized by the acronym CAMP, which stands for Character, Academics, Military Skills and Physical Fitness. These serve as the pillars in developing a well-rounded cadet who will become the future officer and leader of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The CAMP is the blueprint of the present curriculum being implemented in the Academy.

Character Development Program Competency Statement

A PMA graduate is a motivated leader who has imbibed the PMA core values, serves as a role model, acts a mentor, and exhibits both moral soundness and ethical responsibility in the performance of his/her expected roles.

Academic Program Competency Statement

A PMA graduate is a military professional who possesses the broad and basic education holding a Bachelor of Science degree and who can competently use the knowledge learned from the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Languages, Management, Mathematics, Humanities, Literature, Engineering and Technology in appropriate situations in his/her progressive military career.

Military Program Competency

A PMA graduate is a military leader who possesses the basic military competencies of soldiery and the basic preparatory knowledge of his/her major branch of service peculiarities needed in the effective performance of his/her roles in the AFP.

Physical Program Competency Statement

A PMA graduate fully understands and applies the basics of Physical Fitness, Fitness Training, Nutrition and Sports Discipline, adheres to a healthy lifestyle and wellness which makes him/her physically prepared for military occupational tasks

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